‘Modest Beginning, Infinite Vision..’

SLJ Group was established way back in the year 1964 by Shri Kewalchand Pirgal and Late Shri Jeevraj Pirgal as a small wholesaling business house. The story began when the founders were about 14 years old hailing from a small town in Rajasthan named Banta Raghunathgarh. They dreamt of starting the business of textiles wherein they had no capital to invest nor did they have any experience. The former took over the marketing of this business idea . On the other hand latter’s eyes sparkled who had foreseen to achieve it with his sheer discipline, courage, hard work and determination at.  Though this journey was not easy but they ensured it seemed like a cake walk.

Recalling those early tough days Late Shri Jeevraj Pirgal always said, “Nothing is impossible”! He had a vision that traditions should go hand in hand with dynamism in lifestyles and technology. His trio strength/sons Prakash Chand, Nirmal Kumar and Ashok Kumar Pirgal truly believed in it. This is how in the 1990’s the birth of The Brand, “LJ Creation” came about wherein they inculcated both their Grandfather (Lalchand) and Father’s (Jeevraj) name. As they even today have faith that it’s their elders’ blessings that they have won hearts across India. With time and years of efforts we have inherited the legacy of a group that has established a potent presence in the Textile Industry for the last six decades. A family-owned entity, our roots have been strengthened by an astute mix of textile tradition and contemporary technology.

Fads are short lived but fashion is redefining and shaping collection and setting trends. We are happy that at SLJ Group we have time and again shown that we are updated with the latest styles and trends. The good news is we ensure we innovate and reinvent with our desire to be known for our quality, punctuality and competence.

We earnestly thank each and every member right from the insemination stage till today. It’s not only the good quality of materials, the great performance of the weaving and dyeing facilities, our knowledge, know-how, the experience but also the commitment of our personnel made our Brand win fame and success.