Mr. Kewalchand Pirgal along with Late Shri Jeevraj Pirgal founded Sha Lalchand Jeevraj & Co, a textiles wholesale trading firm in Bangalore. He has received The Prestigious Karnataka Rajyotsava Award for his Societal Works. Even today he is known for his Oration.His marketing skills have earned us laurels.Mr. Kewalchand Pirgal is an acclaimed businessman and writer of three books. His dauntless entrepreneurial spirit has made him win many hearts in the society.

This brave man’s belief was the reason Sha Lalchand Jeevraj & Co. was born. His introduction always falls short of words. Shri Jeevraj Pirgal epitomised an xceptional visionary in him who was always on the go to change the destiny of his family. He was always lauded for his dynamism, dedication, Hentailx discipline and discerning persona. He was not only eminent amongst his kith & kin’s but his deeds of being available and helpful for the needy; these sterling qualities took him to places.

Shri Jeevraj Pirgal helped a lot of people to settle in life and city, gave employment and wasvery active socially in the society. He was a man you would look upon for solving personal and professional issues. He was inclined religiously too and a strong believer of Live & Let Live!