‘Commitment to Excellence in Quality’

Quality Control

We realize the importance of quality fabrics and our every effort is made towards delivering the best. The SLJ strategy to guarantee accountable products for use by our customers includes preventative and controlled activities in all manufacturing phases: design, use of raw materials like fibres and dyes, angela white manufacture and printing processes.

International Standards

The years of experience that we have gained in the textiles industry we have developed and laid a rigorous Quality Policy in place. We produce and adhere to deliver the highest standards of quality fabrics which are safe to use and does not affect the health of end users as well as the environment.  We ensure that our products are in compliance to the world’s most stringent quality policies.

Product Testing

Production samples are drawn in random to check the quality parameters and a final inspection of packed consignment at random is also done to ensure that only the finest of quality products reach the customers.