Our Vision

To be recognized globally as creators of THE FASHION STORY and consistently achieving customers delight by providing enriching and inspiring lifestyle fabrics.

Our Mission

At SLJ, we aim to:

  • Satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations.
  • To produce and deliver Innovative, Unique and Exceptionally High Quality Lifestyle Fabrics that will add utmost Value to the products of our clients.
  • Strive towards better employee work culture and stronger supplier relations.

Our Values

At SLJ, we have grown with a very strong value system of LIVE AND LET LIVE:

  • Business Driven by Ethics – we do not desire to grow by using unethical business practices. We dream of mutual benefit and prosperity.
  • Conserve Resources – we go all-out in conserving our environment and nature, fabric recycling and reuse of resources and minimal wastages.
  • One Family – we believe in working in harmony with our people, our suppliers and our customers.
  • Social Responsibility – to support the less privileged sections of society and make every effort towards making this world a better place to live in.


‘We aspire to support 20,000 families directly and indirectly and celebrate our success with them.’