Made To Order

We utilize a variety of technologies to provide maximum performance.

For world class athletes demanding world class apparel to the weekend warrior won over by durability and value, Guilford provides the performance solution to keep you dry, comfortable, warm or cool, daring the elements to take you on as we compete on your side to be the ultimate.

We supply the world’s leading brands with stretch and rigid fabrics for use in applications such as:

  1. Compression performance shirts and shorts
  2. Intimate apparel and shapewear
  3. Swimwear
  4. Team apparel and uniforms

We utilize a variety of technologies to provide maximum performance such as:

  1. Moisture control, thermal regulation and breathability for comfort and performance
  2. Anti-microbial to reduce odor, and UV blocking for protection
  3. Abrasion resistance and chlorine resistance for maximum durability

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